Sold Slavia arrives in Budějovice. Which team from Prague will arrive?

With what team will Slavia arrive? And will the Wednesday match be canceled on Moto Ceske Budejovice? Questions that are hard to find answers for. Besides, Vladimir Pitter, the member of the board of directors of Slavie Prague himself, announced on Monday on Czech TV: “The question of Wednesday’s start is premature. But I’m convinced we have someone to go with. ”

The Prague people are struggling with the existence problems that culminated in the last round in Prostějov. Slavonic juniors headed for Moravia and lost 0:13.The second destination in the Slavic crisis will be South Bohemia. “I am terribly sorry for everything that has happened,” says Czechoslovak attacker Miloslav Čermák, who left Eden Prague internet betting this season. “Strike”

Just for a 29-year-old striker, it was supposed to be a specific match. The red-white jersey last year shone. He scored 47 points in 51 matches. “I was looking forward to the match. The cadres were good and could be an interesting match for the fans, “Čermák thinks of the opponent’s lineup.

It should come a lot reduced. After a mass strike of players who did not go to Prostejov, only a dozen soldiers appeared on Monday.The rest of the team will likely be juniors.

“I’m in touch with some players. They do not know how it will be, who is going to the match and who will come to the training, “says Cermak. “If they come with a young team, I would be sorry for the atmosphere in Budějovice.”

The fans were looking forward.After Saturday’s win over the leader from Kladno 3: 1, the sold Budvar arena hoped to be a similarly dramatic duel waiting on Wednesday. “Even if there are the 10 or 12 boys that I have heard, and the young players will be added to it, so it can still be a strong opponent,” says Čermák.

After thirteen first league games played Budějovič boasts the least achieved goals, huge support of fans and domestic invincibility.

Particularly in defensive activity Jihočeš improved against the previous online bookmaker season. The 23 goals scored are among the best in the competition. “It is always the merit of the whole line, and of course the goalkeeper,” says defender Jakub Suchánek.”Everything is suited and we are very happy that we are doing well in such activities,” says Čermák, who admits that the mood in the team after four won matches in a row is very good. “We’ve defeated the competition leader, so it can not be different. We are going to fight the match, but we believe we will keep the winning series for as long as possible, “says the attacker of the first formation.

Stavjaňa je nespokojen

And although the statistics dominate the engine, coach Antonin Stavjana is primarily dissatisfied with the productivity of the attackers. “We have very few goals in the number of chances we make during the match.We unnecessarily dramatize the conclusions of the match, “thinks the Czech coachman.

And another interesting thing. Five matches of Jihočech ended with 3: 1. “We can not make a bigger goal difference,” says Cermak and Stavjana.